David Maxwell Photos

1st WOC Johnson Park
9 Feb 72 Class Learning Center
Arts & Crafts Center Main PX 1
Beech Army Hospital Main PX 2
Chapel Dempsey Heliport
Day Room Downing Heliport
Dempsey Tower Hiller Shop
Fire House Stage Field
Flag Pole Primary Stage Field
Bank Mess Hall
The Hill 1 Mineral Wells 1
The Hill 2 Mineral Wells 2
The Hill 3 PK Rec Area 1
The Hill 4 PK Rec Area 2
O Club Rod & Gun Club
WOC Hall of Fame Southern Airways Sign
WOC Hall of Fame Sign Mission Statement
Gas Station 1 Skeleton
Gas Station 2 Training Aid
Main Heliport 1 Whirly Trike
Main Heliport 2 Wood Barracks
Main Heliport 3 Training Concept